get ready

There are people you need to leave behind, 
They just dirty up your mouth,
They don’t value your treasure. 
You fall down, you kiss up, you love them. It’s not enough. 
They’re nothing special and you’re such a gift. 
If you had no magic here you’d be just like everyone else. 
Imagine the tragedy.
You must change your life. You are never ready.

Love is like crying like writing like dying. 
You have to do it alone.

I know it’s tragic to be tender. 
I know it’s dangerous to be kind. 
I know it’s vicious to care.

Listen to me. I know what’s going to happen to you. 
You don’t need a window, you need a fire escape. 
You’ll need a skylight to get where you’re going. 
I can’t tell you where.

Nicole Blackman, “You Are Never Ready”

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