When you look at the empire of the United States, what do you see? A country that’s living solely on what it produces within it’s own borders? Of course you don’t. When you look at the so-called British empire, do you see a country living solely under production of it’s borders? You have been deceived into thinking that these countries are independent economies. That in many ways they are what? Dependent economies.

Yet, again, when we let other people define things for us, you see, we get it backwards. And I’ve often told you before, that if the European is to rule this world being ten percent or less of the world’s population, he can only rule the world by doing what? Turning things what? Backwards.

So the nations that are called powerful are in effect really what? Weak. Dependent. Supported by nations that are called weak. Black people called poor create what? The wealth for the wealthy. Harlem called poor and run down is being feasted on by all kinds of ethnic groups.

You got wealth but you have to not know it. You have to not be aware of it. You have to be alienated from it mentally in order for it not to be used.

Dr. Amos N Wilson speaking on economics.


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