how to’s #3

Stuff you should Relinquish to have a Happy Life

1. The need to always be right – and to be affirmed by others as being right.

2. The need to control other people, and the circumstances of your life.

3. Any tendency to play “the victim role”.

4. Negative and destructive self-talk.

5. Self-defeating and limiting core beliefs. (“I’m worthless; no-one will ever want or love me; I’ll never amount to anything in life.”)

6. Whining and complaining – about your own personal weaknesses and failures … or the flaws and shortcomings of others … or difficult, unjust or trying circumstances.

7.  A critical and harsh attitude.

8. The need to please and impress other people (or to live up to other people’s expectations).

9. Being paralysed by anxiety and fear – so you won’t take risks or try different things.

10.  Regrets and resentments related to the past – as the past can’t be changed – but the future is still yours.


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