keep me

Tell her she’s a bluet, but not blue.

And if it’s color that she wants, tell her she’s a blackbird, that she’s flying.
That she could only ever be flying.

If she’s a number, tell her she’s more than ten but less than twelve.
When you say this mean her legs, mean the long number 1’s wrapped around your back.

Tell her you feel most religious when she’s sitting naked in a chair.
Tell her religion is all you need.

Take her hands off your hips and put them on a statue’s hips.
Tell her This is hardness. This is what it’s like to want.

If she’s a herring, tell her she’s a dead herring. That she’s glowing.
That she could only ever be glowing.

And of all shapes: the circle. Days: Tuesday. Words: Brimful

When you take her to bed, take her slowly.
Then put her in parenthesis and keep (her) there, always.

“How to keep the one you love,” Kimberly Grey


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