dream more

“A dream is implanted within you for a reason. It’s yours. You need to work to make it happen; to share it. This is essentially what I am always saying to other people, whether they are actors or artists. I say it to human beings. Make the world you want to exist happen. It’s a huge and glorious goal, but it’s the only one that counts. Create your fair and loving world, and invite everyone in; welcome everyone who makes to the borders; make it a place that harbors and nourishes everyone who visits. Banish evil and prejudice and limitation. I have seen a lot in my life, but I’ve yet to see anything or anyone that is awful or misguided who can’t be conquered or loved or encouraged or altered. Thrive rather than whine. Push yourself. Test yourself. Make yourself worthy of that glittering dream you carry around in your heart. Rise to your own occasion.”

— Beah Richards


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