“1. What do you want me to do? Ask you to stay?
2. It’s 3 in the morning. I didn’t think you’d answer. I’m really bad at voicemails.
3. I wrote a song about you. It wasn’t supposed to be about you but everything I write turns into you anyway.
4. It took me two years to get over you. You found someone in less than a month.
5. Of course I fucking hated them. I loved you, and they had you.
6. I miss you. I miss you even when I’m high off my ass. I can’t ever get you out of my head.
7. I wish I was the kind of person to meet up with an ex behind my significant other’s back.
8. You gave me so much love and I didn’t know how to give you any no matter how much I wanted to.
9. Remember we said we’d go to Seattle? You wanted a blue house in the middle of the city. The sound of traffic always calmed you down.
10. I didn’t want you to try so hard. I just wanted you to be yourself.”

Ten Things You Told Me That Assured Me You Loved Me (#365: April 6, 2014)

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