wasn’t/break down

“How to break this to you gently, you thought he was the sun but he wasn’t. I’m sorry that you loved him as much as you did and that he betrayed you. You were so open and honest and full. You were like grass in a drought, wanting his love so badly that you weren’t willing to see that he’s not the rain. He’s the reason for your thirst. He’s the reason that your lungs feel like they’re closing up. And he didn’t know how to be loyal to you, that’s the biggest tragedy of all. Maybe it was because he’d never learned the meaning of loving someone so fully that you can’t see anyone else. Don’t you want to be the pinnacle? Don’t you want to be the only thing he’s ever going to see again? You deserve that kind of longing, you really do and I’m heartbroken that he doesn’t respect you enough to let you decide. You’re more than his brand of coward love. I want to take you by the shoulders and tell you that I loved him too and that it wasn’t worth it. It’s never going to be worth it. Not for someone half there. Not for someone whose love is made up of lies. There is nothing good in bending yourself backwards to adore someone like that and I hope that someday you learn what it means to be adored fully. No half-heartedness and no walls. There’ll be nobody else, not ever again. That’s how it should be.

Baby, you’ve got your hands up and you’re praying to him like he’s a God but he’s no God. He’s just a man. And he’s only loving you like half of one.”

Azra.T “A Letter From The Other Woman”

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