Sarajevo dreaming

i’d offer you my pulse

i’d give you my breath

was the second song on repeat

by that time that tiny flat in Sarajevo

had become our love nest

nestled in between glorious mountains

you would often climb on the weekends with

your wife

she never did mind much

closed her eyes and turned into sleeping beauty or bitch

depending on the dream


i loved you then

singing along in my head the bug song was

turning me into a butterfly between your very eyes and

when it finally did, well..

i chose not to be your wife

i decided that the H was not going to get its 2 O, so

my sweetness was gonna have to go


and it did

there were other men

there are always men other than you out there

but no favourite songs played for them


i have no regrets

you no longer populate my depth

you just are


up on those mountains

more and more wishing to just be there alone

as she’s still at home


being a beauty or your bitch


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